Street Works Revision

Looking to do some Street Works revision before attending a Street Works 5 Day Course or Street Works Refresher?

Centres must provide candidates with full, current and clean copies of the listed reference material listed below. Centres must ensure the resources they provide are relevant to the regional area the candidate will be operating/taking the assessment for initial assessment or reassessment.

Looking to do some Street Works Revison before attending a Street Works 5 Day or Street Works Refresher course, the required revision material are all available to download below.

1. Specification for the Reinstatement of Openings in Roads (4th Edition – 2019)- Please click here.

2. For Safety at Street Works and Road Works (Red Book)-Please click here.

3. For Introduction to Use for Portable Vehicle Signs (Pink Book)- Please click here.

4. For Avoiding Danger from Underground Services-HSG47-Please click here.

5. For Health and Safety in Construction-HSG150- Please click here.

6. For Volume 4-NJUG Guidelines for the planning, installation and maintenance of utility apparatus in proximity to trees-Please click here.

7.For Volume 1- Street Works UK Guidance on the positioning and colour coding of underground utilities’ apparatus-Please click here.

It may also be beneficial to your Street Works Revision to complete our Street Works Practice Paper. this is a 38 question online test which will provide delegates with a good appreciation of the style and difficulty of the question that they will face on the Street Works course.